Bilingual Products is pleased to announced that our latest title ‘My First Words – Italian and English was launched on 11 February by the Minister for Education, The Hon Grace Portolesi at the Carnevale Italian Festival. Please email to order.

Bilingual Products DVDs are now available for purchased for viewing as online videos.

Bilingual Products is an Australian based publisher of innovative bilingual learning aids for children.

Bilingual Products’ My First Words bilingual DVDs introduce children to over 100 words across the categories of animals, numbers, colours, food and drinks, kitchen items, clothing, household items, bathroom items and shapes.

Bright and colourful animations, combined with classical music from Beethoven and Mozart, help stimulate the senses of children and make learning a new language fun.

Languages scheduled for release include:

Greek-English – Out now!
English Only

Click on the image below to view a preview of the Bilingual Greek and English DVD.


To contact Bilingual Products please call us on +61 8 8346 0856 or e-mail